You should make sure that you agree with a staff member what would happen to their payment every day you are unable to file a JSS application for them, because employees would be entitled to a full payment without consent to the contrary. The Employment Assistance Program (JSS) is deferred until the end of the Furlough (Coronavirus Retention Scheme) program. They cannot claim them under the program as soon as they begin their notice. If they are closed within the first seven days of the JSS Open/JSS temporary work agreement, you cannot invoke the days that took place before the employee`s termination. It is not certain that the disease will be taken into account in the required working time of 20% for the purposes of the JSS Open. The guide is clear that holidays can count on working time, but do not talk about illness. If the disease is not taken into account in working time, this could mean that periods of illness have the effect of passing the average working time of the worker below 20% of his usual working time. The JSS agreement must be in effect under the system before the first day for which you are eligible. In the first three months of the program, the worker must complete at least 20% of his or her regular working time.

The government has reserved the right to increase this threshold from the fourth month. Please keep an eye on this page for updates. The plan will provide financial assistance to help employers maintain staff and avoid layoffs during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Yes, yes. The guidelines are clear: the agreement can be established before any statutory closure. Employers in sectors that may have to enter into conditional agreements with workers in the event of strict restrictions can now enter into conditional agreements, as agreements must be concluded in writing before the agreement can begin. The plan is scheduled to begin on December 8, 2020. However, it has been delayed due to the extension of the labour conservation programme. The employer and the worker may agree to change the right to leave under the agreement, but almost all workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks of statutory annual paid leave per year that they cannot get below.

Yes, yes. If the employee`s working time during the JSS Open falls below 20% of the usual working hours, the employer has the option of „ignoring“ a few days and not qualifying, which temporarily deprives the worker of the plan for those unclaimed days. However, each remaining day must be part of a „block“ of at least seven consecutive JSS Open Days or JSS Closed Days. Employees with a JSS Open fixed-term employment contract continue to receive leave in accordance with their employment contract. However, from the worker`s point of view, this is a much less attractive provision. If your underlying agreement with the employee does not allow for reduced hours or set normal minimum hours, this type of agreement must be negotiated with them. For every employer that welcomes a new employee, the new employer should ensure that it executes the checklist starter form correctly. If the employee is subject to a temporary JSS Open working time agreement from another job, he or she should complete the C return.