Everyone accepts both free and paid contracts, read, digest – click, become rich. I`ve already submitted free applications. Now I`m trying to update one of the free apps, and iTunes Connect main page to show me this: It`s clear they want me to accept the new deal, but I can`t find it anywhere. Are incomplete applications something you usually avoid successfully? Did you finally contact Apple to remove it, or did you simply accept the new deal? I ask because I want to contact Apple to delete it and asked me who to contact. I have had a developer account for a few years and I have been successfully publishing paid applications for a while. If I log in to iTunes Connect today, I see a new message at the top: I have the same problem. Did you find a problem? I can`t update my free apps and I don`t have paid apps. First do what the banner says and accept agreement on developer.apple.com/account/#/membership/. You must be the account holder or get the account holder to accept the agreement for you. Then go appstoreconnect.apple.com/agreements/#/ and accept the agreements you find there. The banner will disappear as soon as you have accepted the agreements in both places.

To accept this agreement, you must have already accepted the Apple Developer Program License Agreement in your account on the developers` website. I don`t think you`ll have to accept the paid app. However, I see no way to terminate the contract, so it is likely that you will contact Apple directly. If you want to submit your app as a paid app on the App Store, you must do this: If Apple issues a new agreement, you must accept the agreement to continue developing apps for the App Store. On June 22, 2020, a new apple Developer Program License Agreement was issued and updates were made for paid and free app agreements. The banner will take you to the Apple Developer site, but you will continue to see the banner until you accept all the agreements, some of which are not on the Apple Developer website. I do not know how this treaty and this agreement works, and the forum does not yet seem to have an answer to that question. Due to the contract not yet accepted in the Apple account, can`t we push a new build from Xcode to Appstore connect? It fails if you press a compilation of Xcode.

Do I have to complete the details of the payment of the contract? To update my free app, it seems I only have a way to achieve the goal – pressing this requirement button and acept the agreement that appears immediately. is paid for submitting a paid app on Apple Store, which is free for the free app I had the same problem and was also confused because my company has no paid apps. I asked Apple to use the application request, but they said they couldn`t and they still had us fill it out. When I click on „Agreements, taxes and banks,“ I see nothing to be done. Where can I find this? 2) How does the „paid apps“ contract differ from a „free apps“ contract? Step 2: Go to the Agreements, Taxation and Banking section. In this section, you`ll see the ability to apply for the paid apps contract at the top of the page. Use the „Contact“ link below… it is a decision-making structure in relation to certain points of contact.

I have heard of four people who have had this problem since July 2020, but it can be resolved in the future. Make a comment below if there is a related problem that is not resolved, and I will do my best to resolve this issue. 1) But, my apps are free, why do I have to accept a „paid apps“ contract if I don`t have the ability to check and accept a „Free Applications“ contract? So I follow the link above (the text of the link is highlighted) and I arrive on „iTunes Connect“ > page „Agreements, Taxation and Banking“.