I put everything in the booking, nothing is true. Note: If a customer makes a reservation via the Booking.com platform, their booking is confirmed immediately. It is therefore generally not possible to refuse a reservation, except in certain situations. I asked and they did not respond, and now they have cancelled confirmed reservations (non-refundable), and my payments are blocked. I am concerned because I do not know what will happen!?. In the meantime, I have received several calls from booking.com and we have eliminated it. There was a first communication was not top, but after a few days we were able to chat on the phone and booking.com was able to check my apartments. I really don`t know how to tell the reservation that I am an honest person. Spent 45 minutes on the phone with them last week because I had a reservation in ten days and could not contact my guests because my email address blocks a D-Extranet. In the end, they cancelled my reservations and sent emails to people who had booked with it to say I had cancelled! I have been checking the hotel for the past 6 years and I have mastered the luxury apartments in Central London for the last 18 months, I have never had a problem with booking.com or other OTAs, we work with each of them. Arbitration is governed by federal arbitration law and not by state arbitration.

This conciliation agreement is governed by the laws of the Netherlands and in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act and interpreted accordingly, without the principles of legal choice governing the application of the law of another jurisdiction come into force. I even have two reservations for La Plagne. I don`t know what will happen to these bookings. Will guests be able to enter the apartment? Will I see my money? We want you to pay the lowest price for your product and service of your choice. If you find your property of your choice via the platform with the same internet travel conditions at a lower price after making a reservation about us, we will adjust the difference between our price and the lower price under the conditions of the We Price Match. Our We Price Match promise does not apply to non-housing products and services. „Travel booking“ means ordering, purchasing, paying, booking or booking a trip. Depending on whether you have an individual or group agreement with Booking.com, you can take the next steps to apply for your TDM.