This agreement and disagreement are part of the notice process. In the opinion of us, of course, there are those who agree, agree, disagree, disagree, but do not agree with some. This is a common practice in everyday conversations. As far as text types are concerned, this type of conversation also has similarities to the discussion text example, which indicates in the text two different points of view on the same subject. In addition, it is a collection of discussions in English about the approval and disagreements that are led by some people. Here is the example of a very short dialogue, which is a dialogue of convergence and disagreement in dialogue: accepting and expressing disunity The following expressions are often used to say convergence and disagreement in daily conversations that you can often hear. 1. Expression of contract. Okay, it means that if you feel agree on a particular idea or opinion. You can say: Santi: Hey, do you have a suggestion on what I should do to increase my ability to speak Japanese? (Hey, do you have any suggestions on what I should do to improve my ability to speak Japanese?) From this dialogue, we can conclude that Ratna……… A. Disagreement B.

Anger C. Danger D. Ill Meaning Andi: I thought I`d spend our holidays in the mountains. Bibo: I think so too! Andi: I think it could happen around September. Bibo: I`m not sure! It was probably a little too cold for some people to go there in September. Andi: Really? I don`t have enough information about this mountain. Bibo: What about the end of April? It`s sunny in April, isn`t it? Andi: Yes, of course, it would be better. Bibo: Did you know, maybe we should look for information about Mount Bromo or something.

Andi: I absolutely agree! We have to do it right now. Bibo: Good! All right, let`s do it now! Tomi: I`m not sure I agree with you that way. We`ll see this week. How about watching it together in my house? (I`m not sure I would agree with you that way. We`ll see this week. How about watching the game together at my house?). Kader, everyone must have their own brilliant ideas and ideas, because each head has its own thoughts, whether equal or different from others. So if we have an idea or an opinion, we need to discuss it with others. Whether they agree with us or not. Well, in English, it`s commonly referred to as „agreement“ for approval and „disagreement“ for disagreements or expression of agreement and disagreement.

In the English language learn the material expression to accept and contradict class 9 includes the definition of agreement and disagreements such as the sentence We agree to contradict the meaning that suggests accepting, contradicting.