QRC shall pay Opco the collection and compression costs due for the quantities collected in December 2006 under this specific gas/gas intermediate service and dedication agreement between Opco and QRC, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. With the exception of existing Vantage Gathering agreements, oil and gas vantage contracts are not subject to a conflicting dedication agreement (as defined in the existing gas collection agreement) and are not otherwise intended for the purchase and sale, exchange, compression, collection, transportation, processing, refining or oil, gas or other hydrocarbon marketing agreements. CCLC and the Austin Independent School District (AISD) are considering entering into this special sale and dedication agreement („AISD Agreement“), under which the CDIC agrees to (i) donate land for the construction of a planned elementary school within Parcel 115 and (ii) grant AISD an option to purchase land within Parcel 101 at its fair market value for the construction of a secondary school. 1.1. Dedication. The Board of Directors shall devote its entire period of activity to the performance of these tasks. The termination clause of an executive employment agreement sets out the time necessary for the performance of its tasks. The clause indicates full-time, part-time or a certain number of times, and is generally a sub-clause of the terms and conditions of employment. . QRC and Bluestem are parties to that specific gas dedication and intermediate services agreement of 22 December 2006, but which was adopted on 1 December 2006.