You are not required to announce your departure on the last day of your term, unless your lease tells you that you must do so. It depends on the nature of the lease and the reasons for termination (if any) – see table below. If the lessor has entered into a sales contract that requires the buyer to give the buyer freedom of possession, he can give you 30 days` notice. If a lessor has breached an essential time limit of the tenancy agreement, the tenant can terminate the lease without notice. I always ask my tenants to sign a Notice under Section 21 at the same time as signing the lease. It is completely legal and it means they have to evacuate at the end of the rental period. Don`t worry about when it will be served. We are tenants who are currently in an insured short-term rental agreement that expires on 14.08.2016. I let the owner know that we are going to move on August 14th, and he is fine. I called the real estate agents to confirm that since the lease expires on the 14th, I do not have to give two months` notice.

To my surprise, they told me I had to resign for another two months! It`s true? Even if our landlord is happy and doesn`t object to us leaving on the 14th, can real estate agents impose this on us? As we will make a purchase on a property next week, we hope to have every last penny counted, which means we don`t pay rent in a place that is not needed. Each guide would be appreciated. Thank you. After being a tenant several times, the work accommodation was an end of God, I am not unpleasant for the owners. But the immoral use of tenants not to use them only to pay your mortgages, but to then increase the rent to 4 times or more of the prices of the local housing company, rejecting people who would then need the help of local services, everything so that you can make a considerable profit is shameful. I understand that the owners are business women, but if your mortgage is paid by your tenants, the profits are also simply greedy. Otherwise, why would you charge 3 times the minimum wage per month for the property? Over time, something has been done to control this ridiculously a-control area. I have said this many times before, but I will say it again, because I think it is an important message: when a tenant wants to leave, it is usually better to simply terminate the lease instead of fighting unnecessarily and getting desperately angry. Audacious, I would not blame an owner who takes things into their dirty hands when the circumstances are extreme. I am not saying this because I tolerate these ideas or because I would personally participate in such plans, but because I understand that landlord`s right is total and total failure when it comes to protecting landlords from tenants, careless and uncontrollable tenants, and that not everyone can be as noble and disciplined as I am. Your landlord can report it if the major renovation or renovation of the apartment requires empty property.

Your landlord must provide a certificate from an architect or surveyor stating that the proposed work poses a health and safety risk requiring free possession and that the work will take at least three weeks. The notice must contain or accompany a written statement indicating the nature of the work and, if a building permit is required, it must be included.