52 Probe 10. Hammond Northshore Regional AirportLouisiana Military Department (National Guard) INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATIVE ENDEAVOR AGREEMENT Between Hammond and Hammond Northshore Regional Airport Authority and LOUISIANA MILITARY DEPARTMENT This Cooperative Endeavor Agreement, made and entered this day of February, 2007 by and between the City of Hammond, as sometimes referred to as „city“ as Hammond Northshore Regional Airport Authority, sometimes also called „Authority,“ and the Louisiana Military Department, sometimes referred to as „State.“ , with the United States or its agencies, or with public or private associations, entities or individuals; and CONSIDERING that the state has a right to lease property leased to the state by the city and authority to build, train and manage permanent maintenance facilities of the Louisiana Army National Guard Aviation and unit preparation centres to house, train and manage air units and soldiers and maintain aircraft and ground assistance equipment; and, CONSIDERING, the National Guard Bureau has made available to the Louisiana Army National Guard, through the Louisiana United States Property and Fiscal Officer (USP-FO), funds for the reconstruction and restoration of air units and support facilities at Hammond Northshore Regional Airport to fund the Louisiana Army National Guard (Milcon) and military construction support facilities (MILCON) and, considering that the State has entered into contracts for the construction of new facilities, infrastructure and temporary facilities at Hammond Northshore Regional Airport to accommodate 500 pilots of the Louisiana Army National Guard and aircraft support personnel and mechanics; and, CONSIDERING, the city and the authority leased 182 hectares of land to the state, comprising 127 hectares of developed land, 25.7 hectares of undeveloped land and 29.3 hectares of moisture; and CONSIDERING that the current planned construction footprint amounts to 55.92 hectares of the 127 hectares earmarked for the construction of buildings, infrastructure and paving stones; and, CONSIDERING, that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) require the state to enter into a substantive agreement with the authority for the leased property; and, in light of the above, the Authority has calculated the value of the 55.9 hectares currently planned for the construction of encums, as US$292,200 and the State has agreed to make annual payments to the Authority through in-kind contributions and/or cash payments amounting to US$292,200, NOW THEREFORE, the State, city and authority agree to cooperate appropriately, as provided below: II. Scope of Services The city and the authority of the city and the administration of the exclusive use of 182 hectares of land owned by the authority of the Hammond Northshore, Hammond, Louisiana and state regional airport is leased by the city and authority.