Talk to the chancellery of . Contact Graduate College at (956) 665-3661 or EDINBURG/BROWNSVILLE – As of February 28, the UTRGV is asking current students to accept a financial commitment agreement on the assistance. to request the removal of the cargo space. Contact the Dean of Students at (956) 665-2260 or (956) 882-5141 or . Conduct the mandatory online course survey you received in your email and call the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at (956) 665-5375 or send an email to after the end of classes to remove the detention area. Students have the opportunity to complete the SFRA before enrolling. We recommend that students conclude the agreement in advance. If they have not yet done so, students are invited to enter into the agreement during check-in. Students must complete the SFRA in order to continue to register. Contact the International Registration Agency.

Refund cheques are sent within 45 days to the student`s billing address, which is stored at the clerk`s office (within 30 days if the student has not received financial assistance from the university). A student`s instalment reimbursements apply first to the student`s unpaid balance. This agreement specifies all the terms and conditions related to a student`s account. All students must enter into a Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) through Infobear every semester before enrolling in teaching. This agreement describes a student`s financial commitment. Our goal is to help our students understand the cost of their training and the financial policies associated with enrolling at Bridgewater State University. The process of concluding the agreement is designed for only a few minutes, but it is essential for the student to understand his commitment and our guidelines. Sign up for New Student Orientation through Please contact the referral office or by phone at (956) 665-5206 or (956) 882-7624. Contact the Military and Veterans Success Center at (956) 665-7934 or (956) 882-8980 or email .

Please conclude the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). The FRA sets the terms and conditions of the student`s account. If you have any questions, email or call 956-665-3622. The student accounts staff is committed to your continued success. If you have any questions about the agreement or the content of the agreement, please contact (508) 531-1225 or for additional support.