The MMSS has become the best known framework for reporting organizations in the mining and metallurgical sectors. In addition, this framework is the most widely used sustainable development framework in the mining sector, used by virtually all publicly traded mining companies, which report on sustainability. In 2011, about 95% of mining company reports were based on the GRI framework (Fonseca et al., 2013). Although most large companies now use GRI indicators, this is a less perfect approach because it is a consensus that is set at the difference of a rate that was created to fully measure the sustainable contribution of a mining or mining company. In addition, there is currently little coherence between companies in the way in which negative information, i.e. environmental or social damage, is reported; Some companies have attempted to legitimize negative aspects through carefully chosen formulations (Hahn and Lulfs, 2014). The influence of NGOs has been even more relevant in Agenda 21 than in the Climate Convention, because of their non-binding nature. Agenda 21 should set up an international agenda for sustainable development in the 21st century. Agenda 21 is a report of more than 500 pages of 40 chapters. Energy issues are explicitly presented in many chapters, although there is not a single overview of energy or a focal point reflecting political differences on this issue.

In the section on the evolution of consumption patterns, NGOs gave a language that proposes to improve the efficiency of production in order to reduce energy and material consumption and to minimize the production of waste concepts, which are expressed in the final text of Agenda 21. The agenda 21 text is a particularly positive example of a collaborative approach and mutual tolerance between governments and civil society, mainly represented by NGOs. „There is evidence that the anti-Agenda 21 movement has had an impact on Virginia`s land use policy,“ said James A. Bacon, a newsletter publisher and conservative campaigner who deals with land use issues. „The obsession with Agenda 21 creates a strange distraction from the very real challenge of articulating conservative positions that respect principles on managing growth, development and the environment – subjects that will not disappear simply because we ignore them. Unfortunately, in some quarters, it is enough to say „Agenda 21“ to put an end to the discussion. The issue of trade provisions concerned non-contracting parties, either alone or with respect to the issue of extraterritoriality, which is two of the key issues discussed by the group on environmental measures and international trade convened under the GATT. Whether trade restrictions in global environmental agreements were a prerequisite for environmental protection and human health is still debated in the WTO. Despite the broad nature of these criteria, indicators and recommended method of use, the Seven Questions approach has not been widely disseminated.

On the contrary, in subsequent years, some mining companies that had decided to publicly report on their activities attempted to create company-specific C-I rates. Academics in many countries have also created indicators. Many of these have been published as part of the biennial „Sustainable Development in the Mining Industry“ series and are available on the website. The result was dual efforts, criteria and sets of indicators that could not be easily compared. Another well-known right-wing activist, John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government, cited the so-called agenda 21 final goal in trying to bring down his hometown of Austin, Texas, a resolution that should make the city more energy efficient.