Green and healthy schools will be part of our future. Schools, if they are not already, will try to become „green schools.“ This site has ideas to help you. Who We Are WCRIS is a non-profit, bipartisan, 501 (c) (3) affiliate that represents more than 100,000 K-12 students in 600 Catholic, Lutheran, Christian, Christian, Seventh-day and independent schools in Wisconsin. Webcasts in the „Preventing School Crisis/Safe Schools“ series. Critical Stress Management – The CISM team in Southern Wisconsin is made up of clergy, educators and mental health professionals, as well as peer support people from communities, schools and agencies in our district. Team members receive ongoing training in CISM and related areas. Some of them are also linked to local teams. Learn more AAIMCheck provides quality, comprehensive and fully compliant voluntary employment and screening services to help churches, schools and faith-based organizations reduce the risk of hiring. WCRIS supports the unique missions of member schools through intercession, education and partnerships to ensure exceptional education and equitable opportunities for every child. They may need help in an emergency – police, fire, tornado, floods, etc. Each school should have a good collaboration with its local emergency suppliers.

This public authority can help all our schools in need. Congregations and schools can use this form to apply to mandated ministerial candidates (teachers, DCE, DCO, head of the Ministry of Family Life, Head of Parish Music, Deaconess, Lay Minister) of one or more Concordias. Contact: Julie Kappen, Executive Email Account: Phone: 314-754-0201 Fax: 314-775-0000 Web: Webinar: „Being Smart With Your Background Checks“ by AAIM – Sign up to see our building stay safe is more than closing doors during the school day. This site is a good place to search for ideas in all areas around our buildings. The Luthed is a resource for educators. Below is information on Lutheran schools, Church Worker Update, CMIF, NLSA, LSCS and more. The Journeys Lutheran School, which focuses on Christ, prepares students with unique learning challenges to maximize their God, which is given to their spiritual, academic, emotional and social potential. With WCRIS support, state law allows Wisconsin parents to deduct private school education from their taxes. The chapel offers projects – are you looking for a chapel that offers ideas? Download the PDF for free (Open the „Chapel“ section on the page) The concordia colloquy online program provides the education needed to be eligible for a call to the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.

The program of the symposium prepares the Lutheran teacher to faithfully bear the name of the Lord and his teachings to children and their families. . The following guidelines include general recommendations for the preparation of a force reduction procedure. They should not be considered as determinative or normative. The guidelines allow for local discretion on the part of directors and governing bodies. The development of a RIF Appendix A Appendix B WCRIS – Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools – offers each member association a free legal manual. If you make a call, make sure you`ve downloaded the most up-to-date document. Contact either Karen, 414-292-0743, (ordered) or Robin, 414-292-0741 (ordered) from the Landratsamt for username and password.