Official California divorce forms can be obtained from the clerk, from various online sources or from publications in your local library. You must submit a petition for the dissolution of the marriage as well as financial disclosure forms. If you use the synthesis procedure, there is a set of separate forms. If you have minor or dependent children, there are also child care and child support forms. California only allows the kind of irreconcilable difference does not allow guilt divorces and mutual consent decrees. California is a communal state. You must have resealed 6 months in the state to get a divorce. California Family Code – covers various thematic areas, including marriage, separation, divorce, custody, help, etc. Marriage Separation Agreements Declared Although divorces in California require at least 6 months to be concluded, preventing litigation will save a lot of time, money and grief in each state.

Preliminary proceedings, appearances before the court, the procedure itself and the significant delays inherent in any judicial system, regardless of jurisdiction, add considerable time and obstacles to obtaining a final judgment on your marriage. For the divorce process in California, you must show, for you and your spouse, how much you earn, what you own and what you owe creditors. Make copies of important documents such as bank and investment statements, mortgage and loan documents, credit card statements, payments, W-2 forms and tax returns, documents, vehicle titles, life and health insurance documents and health insurance bills, and make sure you have your spouse`s social security and driver`s license numbers. You should also estimate your monthly cost of living. Discovery is one of the many tools at your disposal during the divorce process. It is 100% your choice whether or not to serve discovery. In essence, discovery is a process of gathering information. Each case is different and, as such, you need to determine whether discovery is the right strategy for your situation or not.