This can be used when a company wants to issue stock options in the company to an employee. It`s a simple model – there are no good Leaver/Bad Leaver provisions, nor are there any options to ensure that KPIs are achieved. Note that you do not receive a paper version of your stock options agreement if your company uses Carta to expose options. Instead, simply log into your wallet to accept, view and print the actual agreement. Stock options are not real shares – they are the right to buy a number of corporate shares at a fixed price, usually called purchase price, exercise price or exercise price. As your purchase price remains the same if the value of the stock increases, you could earn money with the difference. This is what we will discuss in Part 2 of our Equity 101 series. If you leave the company, your shares will immediately stop repeating and you can only buy shares that were wasted at the time of that date. And you only retain this right for a defined period called post-termination exercise (PTE).

Historically, many companies have been doing this period for three months. However, some companies now offer more generous PTE periods. At Carta, for example, you worked as long as you worked in the company to buy your shares. Make sure that the amount of your initial option grant is clearly stated in your letter of offer and in a separate option agreement. An employee`s shares are usually issued over a four-year period with a one-year „Kliff.“ This means that if, for some reason, you leave your business within the first 12 months, none of your shares will be transferred. The exercise price must be included in your letter of offer and the stock option contract. Be sure that your exercise price is clearly defined in writing before accepting the position, even if it is subject to subsequent Council approval. Launch a free trial with Workable to effectively manage your candidates, interviews and job offers. They should ensure that all „authorized“ options are included, ensuring that the magnification number contains options that have not been granted.

Authorized shares or authorized shares are the maximum number of shares that a company is authorized to issue legally in the United States under its statutes. Always negotiate your base salary before discussing other types of benefits such as stock options. This is because companies generally have a framework for the stock options they offer to employees at certain levels of the business. When trading stock options, ask if the company has a standard scale.