Oracle Academy Institutional Membership1 is free and provides institutions and their educators with access to first-class technologies and software, expert programs, educational and teaching materials, professional development, Oracle professional certification resources, member recognition and a plethora of classroom resources for their students. Educators can share many of these benefits with students, including study resources, Oracle certification equipment, software licenses, Oracle Application Express (APEX) areas of work and the Oracle Academy Cloud program for practical learning and development, and much more. Membership is free. 1 Members of the Assembly must consult members within 12 months of the start of their membership, and then once a year, when their membership is active. This survey is available in the navigation bar after a member has logged into their account. 2Oracle Academy monitors access to the Oracle Academy Cloud program. Oracle Academy members who request cloud accounts may need additional validation. Oracle reserves the right to refuse any request deemed inappropriate at Oracle`s sole discretion. 3Seer members are granted through their Oracle Academy institutional affiliate agreement for products listed on the software website.

4Approved Institutional members are allowed for certain Oracle application programs, as stated in the email they receive from oracle Academy and confirm their agreement on application program licenses. 5Approved Institutional Member Faculty may apply for licenses for up to 200 Oracle Cloud accounts at any given time under the terms of their oracle Academy NetSuite NetSuite NetSuite addendum or, if the member has not performed Addendum Oracle Academy NetSuite, the conditions listed below in the Oracle Academy NetSuite Supplemental Terms apply. Accounts are provided on the basis of First-come, First-served, are available 90 days after the account is set up and cannot be renewed or extended. NetSuite accredited faculty members can request NetSuite accounts for any academic term in which they offer a course using NetSuite. Currently, NetSuite is available only to members in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States. 6SuiteAnswers and the NetSuite Help Center are only accessible through NetSuite`s active cloud accounts. 7These benefits [NetSuite Suite Training] is available only to faculties and staff employed by a member of the Oracle Institutional Academy. Faculty with authorized institutional members for the use of NetSuite can access the following courses: NetSuite: Financial Management, Admin Fundamentals, eCommerce Fundamentals, SFA Fundamentals, Wholesale/Distribution: Bases. Oracle Academy no longer sends welcome kits. Data centers will be available in all regions. For more information, see Each institution must complete an Oracle Academy NetSuite addendum before accessing NetSuite resources.

We will send you additional information if your institution has not completed the additional process. You can request a cloud account for yourself and a total of 200 student accounts during each year your membership in the Oracle Institutional Academy. You use your Oracle account to sign up for your membership and access your membership benefits. Please create your Oracle account with your official school email address. EMEA Ltd Announcement: In order to simplify the restructuring process for our new Oracle Academy membership offer, we are introducing our new EMEA Ltd membership agreement in English for many countries in the EMEA region.