The agreement was drafted on the basis that the employer will be a company registered in England and Wales and that the employee will be a resident of England and Wales. A simple clause of applicability and jurisdiction has been inserted here in the event that a company registered or domiciled or domiciled abroad becomes involved for the duration of the contract. This Agreement does not provide for the payment of any royalty. In practice, the payment would be deducted from the employee`s salary. A service user is different from a service tenant. A service tenant lives in a dwelling provided by his employer, but does not have to live there to do his work. If you are providing housing to a service tenant, you should use our Insured Short Term Rentals (ASTs). This service occupancy agreement creates a license. As a result, the licensed employee cannot claim the safety of the service after the termination of the employment relationship. Premises: The definition of premises defines the land and buildings made available to the employee. The parties may prefer to attach a plan to the agreement, but if this is not possible, it should be ensured that the premises are defined in a complete and precise manner. Provide the full mailing address of the premises and determine if a garden, garage or other outbuildings should be explicitly mentioned. A service occupancy agreement is intended to be used when an employer requires an employee to live on premises owned by the employer so that the employee can perform his or her duties more effectively.

It gives the employee personal permission to occupy the premises for the duration of his employment with the employer. The document assumes that the premises are largely self-sufficient and therefore does not provide for the employer to provide services such as public services. It should also be noted that in cases where leases are usually included in the owner`s obligations for repair and, if necessary, insurance, these obligations are usually not included in contractual licenses for the use of the premises. The first page of this document is not part of the agreement and contains a standard clause that must be inserted in the employment contract and obliges the employee to reside locally so that the employee can perform his duties according to the conditions of his employment. For there to be a use of the service, there must be a close link between the occupation of the property by the employee and the exercise of the employee`s duties in the context of his employment. The employment contract should therefore contain that clause. To be „eligible“ as a service occupation, the agreement must read as follows: This staff accommodation agreement is intended to be used when an employer allows an employee to live on premises owned by the employer so that the employee can perform his or her duties more effectively. If you have any doubts about whether the job you are looking for will be considered a service occupation, use one of our insured short-term leases. This leads to more administrative effort, but ensures the security of your arrangements. Unless terminated prematurely, this employment contract may be terminated at any time with four weeks` notice and in any event upon the expiry of the employee`s employment contract.

I started using your business about 5 years ago and was more than satisfied with the service every time. Employment contract: The details of the employment contract should be inserted here and consider attaching a copy of the employment contract to the agreement to facilitate reference. „The service received is excellent and extremely fast. For busy agents, this service is an absolute gem. You should be aware of the difference between a license and a rental. As a rule, a rental occurs when the user is granted exclusive ownership of the premises for a certain period of time at a rent. A service user who appears to enjoy wholly ownership is not treated as a tenant, since the employee`s occupation and possession are treated as a profession and property on behalf of the employer. The employee therefore has no interest in the premises and no legal right of residence after the expiry of the employment contract. Content: Content consists of items on the premises that are available to the employee. The status of the content must be recorded in an inventory, as the agreement states that the employee must keep the content in good condition. The list should be annexed to the agreement and initialled by the parties.

In addition to the document, there is a draft paragraph that can be added to any employment contract to confirm the proposed agreement for the use of the services. Also use it to make sure there is no doubt about the status of the agreement. This agreement can be used if the conditions of the employee`s profession need to be separated from the employment contract (which can be done for administrative reasons) or if the existing employment contract does not contain provisions on the occupation of services. You can also use our EMP template. MAN.01 Manager Employment contract with accommodation, which contains the conditions of accommodation of the employee. This agreement creates a license for the employee to use the property for as long as they are employed by the employer. This agreement ends automatically at the end of the employment contract. „I was very satisfied with my recent experience with Net Lawman. I was able to obtain important legal documents needed to support my small business.

Net Lawman understood my needs and provided a fast and efficient service without incurring the significant costs of a traditional law firm. I would recommend and reuse Net Lawman“ Some types of jobs require the employee to live on site or in another specific location. These accommodations are referred to as „service occupation“ or sometimes „tied housing.“ Legally, it is either a residence permit with conditions related to the employment contract, or a guaranteed lease. The latter is not the same as a guaranteed short-term rental. Members of the armed forces and agricultural workers are also often duty occupants, but different rules may apply to those described here. With the agreement, we have included a provision that you can add to an employment contract in which you define the requirement for your employee to live in housing provided by you. .