A subscription contract is usually designed by the company that issues the shares, but can also be designed by the subscriber if the company does not have a subscription agreement. The user must fill in the required information in the document. Once the document is finalized, the user must print at least three (3) copies of the subscription agreement. CONSEQUENTLY, each of the parties has had the subscription contract concluded at _________ A subscription contract is a document in which a person (the subscriber) undertakes to acquire the unen issued shares of an existing business or a created business (the „Company“). However, some also use subscription agreements for the acquisition of shares from an increase in the authorized shares of an existing company. In this case, the subscription is called „repository for future subscriptions“. The revised Corporate Code is the common law governing subscription contracts. Several laws, rules and regulations can also affect the subscription agreement, such as for example. B Financial Reporting Bulletin No. 6, as amended on 11 May 2017, on deposits for future share subscriptions.

Other laws, their rules and regulations, as well as SEC rules, can also affect the company`s behavior and transactions, such as for example. B The Philippine Constitution of 1987, the Securities Regulation Code, the Foreign Investment Act, the Republic Act 8179, including the Foreign Investment Negative List, the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Anti-Model Act, may affect a company`s ownership requirements. depending on the activities of the company. Tax laws can also affect the subscription of shares. If the design will be a deposit for future designs, the SEC provides that all of the following must be present: ________