For a new lease, you have to charge him for the preparation of a new lease, in reality it can be a simple extended contract) Your landlord can only increase the rent with your agreement or by annualizing the increase on a special form. If you`ve found good tenants, you`re going to want to hold on to them, right? In this context, negotiations for an extension of their lease should not be delayed when the original term expires. From October 2015, when leases are „renewed“ in England (this does not include leases that pass a periodic tenancy agreement), the lessor must meet the following conditions: the advantage of another fixed-term contract is that tenants are blocked for a fixed term, but they may not set a new six- or twelve-month period. , in which case a periodic lease could be considered. Eric, my point is the use of a temporary repository before it becomes periodic. Don`t be distracted by the stupid punishments that baffle the purpose of rental bonds! A renewal contract is a new contract, usually for an additional limited period of time. I should really see the lease to continue advising (this can be arranged) Your lease usually expires automatically if you leave until the last day of the fixed term. Some contracts say you have to terminate, so check your consent. The thing to do here is to check if the CONTINU agent has provided the protection of your deposit within 30 days of the original lease and so far. Only thought by mentioning leases that it would be useful to share with your readers how important it is to make a periodic lease a periodic lease. This should be indicated in the first lease. With the changes to the municipal tax laws, and if we, as landlords, want to avoid paying as much local taxes as possible, it should be noted that landlords are responsible for municipal tax costs if the tenants are in a periodic rental agreement and move during a notice period. During the notice period, when tenants choose the extract, they do not exclude the landlord from paying the municipal tax.

However, if we, as landlords, say that it is a periodic lease and the tenants move during the termination, we are insured and the responsibility for the payments rests with the tenant. Also, it`s worth noting that if your tenant is on a periodic lease and goes and rents another house (not so likely as you think, but it happened to me!), then the responsibility for payment will fall to the landlord.