The registered lease also guarantees the owner`s right and gives him the right to request eviction if the tenant has not paid the rent according to the amount specified in the contract. In addition, the owner or owner of the property can claim damages. The registered lease also ensures that the tenant cannot sublet the property to third parties without the consent of the owner. Rental contracts are registered on the website of the Municipality of Muscat after an electronic contract form has been completed and signed by the owner and tenant, after the necessary documents such as a copy of the owner`s identity card or a copy of his agent`s identity card for the individual agent or a copy of the commercial register have been presented, if the owner`s representative is a business. The lease ensures that the landlord or landlord is not allowed to increase the rent in the middle of the lease term. The rent can only be increased after the end of the rental period or every three years. Data for 2020 shows that 11,978 new leases were registered in the wilayat of Seeb and 36,743 contracts were renewed. In the wilayat of Muttrah, 5,302 new contracts were registered and 39,442 contracts were renewed. In Al Amerat, 2,083 new agreements were registered and 5,860 agreements were renewed. In Qurayyat, 344 new contracts were registered and 1,880 contracts were renewed. In Bushar, 12,619 agreements were registered and 53,934 agreements were extended.

The control that the landlord has over his property compared to a five-degree rating scale: I would ask the relevant government agency to consider shortening the notice period by three months, as this is easier for tenants. The law requires that the duration of the lease be agreed between the parties; the law does not specify a minimum or maximum duration. The landlord cannot increase the rent before the lease expires unless the lease generally provides for a cheque or promissory note from the landlord as a guarantee that the property will be returned to the landlord in the condition in which it was at the beginning of the lease (subject to normal wear and tear). The owner may charge default interest at the rates set by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOCI). Source: Global Property Guide Research, Contributing Law Firms The legal system protects the rights of citizens and foreigners. . . .

It should be noted that the municipal inspection services of the Municipality of Muscat carry out regular inspections to ensure compliance with the registration of leases. Lease renewal is also available online on the Muscat Municipality website, the Baladiyeti app and the Sanad offices. The service can also be provided by indicating the number of the previous agreement, without the need to present new documents. Muscat Municipality has confirmed that unregistered leases will be returned to the Prosecutor`s Office and a fine of between Rs 50,000 and 5,000 and/or a prison sentence of between 24 hours and 6 months will be imposed on offenders. At the end of last year, rental fees were reduced from 5% to 3% to encourage landlords to register leases. The registration of leases protects the rights of both parties on the basis of clear conditions and contributes to the creation of a rental database for residential and commercial properties in Muscat governorate, the municipality said. It would also be useful to add a clause in rental law to take into account cases of disasters or poor maintenance. In such cases, an alternative agreement or other accommodation must be provided by the owner. Most landlords do not voluntarily enter into a maintenance contract and impose this burden on tenants. In Oman, our leases stipulate that each party – tenant and landlord – must comply with a three-month notice period for eviction from the premises before the lease expires. However, despite the drop in rents in recent times, some landlords are not willing to lower the rent during the term of the contract. In these circumstances, tenants have no choice but to leave their rented apartments if the landlords are unwilling to negotiate the rent agreed in the contract.

In Oman, our leases stipulate that each party – tenant and landlord – must comply with a three-month notice period before the lease expires to evacuate the premises. .