U-Haul offers one month of free storage for all disposable equipment rentals at participating locations. To find locations, visit uhaul.com/storage or visit our discount page for additional deals in your area. Customers can purchase moving boxes and packing materials while moving into their warehouse. All of our U-Haul-owned and managed storage facilities offer moving boxes, tape, blankets/bags and more for on-site purchase. For remote locations, please visit the nearby customer service office for more items. You can also order products online for pickup or ship them home. Yes. U-Haul offers vehicle storage in selected facilities. Each facility is unique to its market and offers a variety of options, including but not limited to open spaces, covered spaces, or fully enclosed vehicle storage units. Learn more about storage options for your car, RV, boat, etc. by visiting our vehicle storage page.

U-Haul has a variety of sizes and types of units to meet the needs of our customers. Check out our self-storage size guide to help you choose the right storage unit. In the complex and do you find your room too small? Ask to combine it with another room nearby or upgrade to a larger unit for an additional fee. Step 1: Go to Uhaul.com/Orders and enter your contract number and last name in the text boxes on the right side of the page. Then click on „Search for a contract/order“. As the market leader in the field of relocation and storage, we do this of course! You can also set up automatic payment when moving in or at any time during office hours in the warehouse. There are four ways to reserve a storage unit with U-Haul. online, in person, visiting a location, calling the location directly, or calling 1-800-GO-U-Haul. Customers have several options to pay for their storage space. Pay online, in person or by phone. All major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) are accepted in the store with cash, check or ACH.

You can also set up automatic payment in your warehouse or on uhaul.com/orders. If your home or tenant insurance covers your storage unit, simply bring proof of insurance with you when you move in. If you miss a payment or are late, you will be charged a late fee that varies by location and region. To avoid late payments, sign up for automatic payment on uhaul.com/orders. U-Haul will not charge prorated rent for a storage unit. When your payment is received, your monthly payment will carry you until your next monthly due date. U-Haul does not have a cancellation policy for reservations, as your storage space is only guaranteed up to seven days before your scheduled move-in date. If you do not show up on the scheduled date of your move-in, your accommodation will be considered free to rent to other guests. There are many different reasons why a person needs a copy of their rental receipt, but sometimes it`s not clear what the easiest way to get it is.

Fortunately, at U-Haul, we make this process very easy, and there are different ways to do it on uhaul.com. The first is completely free; However, the second requires a non-refundable research fee of $10, so we always recommend trying the first method first. Let`s take a look at how you can start the process. U-Haul`s proprietary and managed storage facilities leverage multiple layers of state-of-the-art security features. These are collectively referred to as MAX or maximum security. In our storage facilities you will find any combination of the following options: surveillance cameras, individually alerted rooms, electronic access, intercoms, sprinklers and restricted access to the floor or building. For a more in-depth look at U-Haul security, read our security features in the U-Haul Resource Guide. The papers are signed. What else? By signing your rental agreement, you simply agree to use the truck for the specified duration. According to the rental agreement, your moving van will be returned to the same location and expected at a specific drop-off location where you will receive a phone number to contact upon arrival at your destination. Here is an example of a contract in the city.

An important link and number to remember when checking at the very top of your rental agreement is uhaul.com/orders and roadside assistance number. While you can`t use the link during your move or even call the number, it`s always good to know that you`ll be aware of it in an emergency and will be able to quickly access contact information. When you move in, let the employee know who can enter your storage room. You will add them to your contract. Alternatively, you can add or remove people through your U-Haul account. Proof of insurance is required to rent warehouses from U-Haul. For your convenience and safety, we offer the cheapest self-storage insurance available with Safestor. Pricing starts at $7.95 per month for $1,000 coverage. For more information on the benefits and benefits covered, please visit our Claims Coverage page. Not sure if a climate chamber is right for you? Learn more about air conditioning equipment and read our air conditioning checklist.

Air-conditioned storage facilities are facilities where the temperature and humidity inside the building are managed. This means that the temperature in the system is between 65 and 85 degrees, depending on the season. This means that your items are not exposed to temperature and humidity fluctuations outside, which can damage your items if they are stored for a long time. To set up automatic payment, create or log in to your account on uhaul.com/orders. Click in the dashboard to find your existing rentals and find your contract number for the unit you want to add to the automatic payment. Click to pay your bill and click „Add Automatic Payment“ on the checkout page. We offer moving vans and mattress carts in our storage facilities. They can be used for free for all customers. Courtesy cars are located at the loading ramps of each facility. We ask customers to return shopping carts when using them so that all customers can enjoy this benefit. Your monthly rent is due each month on the day you move in.

For example, if you moved in on the 15th, your next rental month is due on the 15th of the following month. It`s an emotional day! Yay, you are full of excitement and many mixed feelings when the BIG day arrived! A visit to check if your rental car has been made, if papers have been signed, but when you leave the center, look at the contract you just signed and think, „How can I read my lease?“ Don`t worry, this may tend to happen. I admit that it happened to me too. Once I had the keys to the moving van in my hand, I was ready to load and move to my new place without looking at my contract twice. For those of us who need clarification when it comes to reading your contract, we`ve got you covered! Now that`s all that`s left. Now that you have passed your lease, you officially know how to read your lease! All you have to do is start loading and unloading your moving day. .