Once your application is submitted, you must complete all of your remaining courses and meet the gPA requirements in your TAG agreement. The CTA is the basis for determining the portability of courses from community colleges to UC. Courses approved for TCA are considered advanced elective credits for a bachelor`s degree on any UC campus and can also be submitted for a campus-specific articulation or for IGETC. This equivalence or articulation can be done from one course to another, for the main requirements and/ or for the general requirements of the teaching. In some cases, courses are articulated (identified) only as elective courses. This means that although the units are transferred, the course does not meet any of the requirements listed above. IGETC lays the foundation for CCC students to meet the requirements of the lower department for general education prior to transfer. Complete 60 transferable units of the UC semester with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.4 (2.8 for non-residents) for minimum eligibility. The cumulative grade point average for admission may be significantly higher due to the pool of applicants. In addition to mathematics and English and your majors, you must take four courses in at least two of the following areas: Your transfer admission guarantee only applies to the major you specified on your TAG form. We support transfer students and those who lead them. Learn more about our work > Two basic principles are involved in the decision to transfer a community college course to UC: The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a written agreement that guarantees your admission to UC Davis from a California community college. Students must have completed at least one transferable ENGL and MATH course by the end of Summer 2020 (individual UC TAG criteria for the ENGL and MATH degree may vary).

ASSIST.org is the official articulation archive for California public colleges and universities (UC, CSU, CCC) and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on transferring students to California public universities. While work is underway to provide you with a new ASSIST, additional information about the joint can also be found on TempIST. Articulation is the process that connects two educational institutions to allow students a smooth transition from a community college like Santa Ana College to a four-year college or university without experiencing course delays or duplications. Community College courses are considered equivalent to university courses. This allows students to meet an academic requirement by taking a specific equivalent course (articulated course) at the community college. In addition, you must meet all remaining course and GPA requirements as outlined in your TAG contract. A Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) allows you, as a student of a California community college, to receive guaranteed acceptance at a university as long as you follow the instructions, guidelines, and criteria specific to the university. UCI`s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program guarantees admission to highly qualified students from all California community colleges. Admission to most majors at the UCI can be guaranteed by the TAG for transfer students who meet the admission requirements and complete the TAG online application. A TAG is a written agreement between the student, the community college and the appropriate UC that accepts TAGs, which states that if a student meets the conditions set out in the agreement (TAG), the student will have a priority review of the application and/or will be admitted to the UC they have selected for LE TAG (only one TAG is allowed). The TAG application is submitted one year before the student`s expected transfer date. If you create a UC TAP account during your first semester, this process will go much more smoothly.

Start by responding immediately to your math and English needs. UC places great importance on students who complete two (2) transferable English courses and one (1) transferable mathematics course at the beginning of their academic career. Complete an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) for guaranteed admission to a university in the CSU system. 5. Students must provide PDF copies of unofficial transcripts from ALL colleges attended, including Foothill and De Anza College. November 1-30: Submit your UC application for admission to the baccalaureate Nothing feels better than getting a guaranteed place at UC. This is exactly what TAG offers on one of the six UC sites. Follow these four steps and back up your TAG CPU. By submitting a TAG application, you agree to the following statements: Be sure to submit the UC application for admission of students and scholarships, from November 1 to 30 and review your TAG decision after November 15. Check the transfer center or counseling center to see if you are eligible to submit a TAG UC. We offer walk-in counselling sessions for quick questions throughout the summer until the beginning of the fall term.

Please use the website for the most accessible version. Download the PDF version for reference. Use our Transfer Admission Planner to complete your TAG application. If you have a community college counsellor, consult with them. Don`t worry if you don`t – we have our own UC TAG consultants who can help. You must submit your application no later than September 30 for the fall semester or no later than May 31 for the winter and spring semester. Remember that if you do not meet the TAG deadline, you can still apply to UC during the normal application period (November 1-30). The TAG Matrix [PDF] provides campus-specific TAG criteria and requirements. Visit the UC TAG website to download it and get more information. NOTE: TAG information for Fall 2021 is provided for reference purposes only. Although we recommend students to have their UC TAG by the 30th century.

In September, the UC system extended the deadline. As a California Community College candidate, you are eligible for TAG if you: Create a TAP „New Student“ account to complete the TAG application. Go to UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP). Learn the basics of UC system-wide and campus-specific articulation. Apply on time! The UC application begins on August 1, but submission takes place from November 1 to November 30. Some CPUs accept winter and spring applications. Check with a consultant which CPUs are accepted. NOTE: UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC San Diego do NOT participate in the TAG program. The following programs do NOT participate in TAG: Business Administration, Dance, Music, Nursing and ALL majors at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. You must ALSO complete the UC eligibility application and submit it from November 1 to 30, 2020.

Meet your General Education (GE) requirements, typically by completing the Intersectoral General Education Transfer Program (IGETC). Access UC campus information and articulation contacts. The deadline for your TAG is September 30th. Don`t wait until the last minute. We look forward to working with you! In 2017, a total of 2,755 courses were submitted for CCA review. . UC Davis was the only UC to notify students in mid-November if their TAG had been approved. Most CPUs usually won`t let you know if your TAG has been approved until they send your approval decision.

Work with a consultant to review the TAG criteria and your TAG eligibility, and help you plan your future/planned courses: For example, if you take a different general education course than the one you indicated in your TAG, it probably won`t have a negative impact on your TAG. . 2. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.30 at the time of submission of the TAA SCU. Santa Clara University Transfer Admission Agreement (SCU TAA) Instructions and eligibility criteria (info. Subject to change):1. Meet with a Foothill consultant before February 1 (priority deadline) to complete and submit an SCU TAA if you qualify. Although NOT recommended, students can submit a TAA SCU until March 26.

Consultants can find the tools they need to work with students and the TAG. By attending the Honors Institute in Foothill, you can qualify for priority admission and/or guarantee admission to the Honors Institute`s transfer partners, which include UCLA, UCI, San Diego State, and other colleges/universities. Note: UC TAG email notifications will be sent to all students in mid-November. UC Transfer students with an „APPROVED TAG“ MUST complete and submit the UC application. Tag does NOT require you to answer personal information questions (QIPs) in the TAG. .