A property manager with a portfolio of 1,000 units could earn $13,000 a month from its residents` garbage. That`s over $150,000 a year. Since arriving on the scene over the past decade, valet garbage has exploded due to the financial implications it can have on property managers. We are aware that to become the first choice in our city, we must continue to provide high quality services. We are open to the use of the latest technologies in the waste collection industry and the quality of the services we offer will allow us to welcome repeat customers and manage massive business of large estates, hostels, shopping centers, hotels and business complexes. We want to compete with the leading valet companies in the United States, which is why we have put in place a competent quality assurance team that ensures that every service performed meets and even exceeds our customers` expectations. While property managers hire valet parking, their residents pay the bill. Often, residents pay between $25 and $35 per month for valet parking. In most cases, the cost of valet parking is included in a resident lease.

In addition, it is not an optional convenience, but a mandatory service. Residents have no choice whether or not to use the service. Similar to indoor plumbing and electricity, efficient and hassle-free disposal of garbage is a key feature of modern civilization. Long gone are the days when unsightly piles of garbage were left in the backyard and rusty vehicles in the forest. Today, citizens at all levels of the socio-economic pyramid expect access to waste disposal effortlessly. Unfortunately, municipal services are sometimes lacking in the service of performance. A reasonable alternative in many cases is privatized waste disposal. If you don`t mind getting your hands dirty, a garbage collection business can be extremely profitable. If you prefer to find your own suppliers, check out our guide for valet waste suppliers to learn more about industry leaders across the country. It goes without saying that sharpening the profile of your emerging business in the local community will be a difficult business at best.

Most people don`t spend much time thinking about garbage collection providers, so a niche valet garbage collection company requires you to focus on branding. Use the usual social media suspects such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter to boost your local reputation. It is a good idea to join the local Chamber of Commerce to make business contacts. Also, use word of mouth by communicating directly with local owners and property owners. In addition to the frequency of garbage collection, special weekend pickups can affect the price. While these aren`t incredibly common, they are offered, especially for student housing communities. For example, National Doorstep Pickup has special programs for student housing communities after the back doors of football. If the typical provider charges $8 to $15 per month, why do property managers charge residents $25 to $35 per month? The answer is simple, Valet Trash is a profit center for property managers and homeowners. In addition, it offers filming services, maintenance support services and on-campus collection services. It also manufactures recycling bags and garbage bags. Filling out a contract template for your valet business may seem daunting at first glance, but it`s a necessary tool to keep your customer relationships strong and beneficial to both parties.

First of all, the answer to this question will be very different depending on who you are asking the question. The cost of the reflection service is not the same for residents and property managers. As a result, you may hear that it costs as little as $8 per month or up to $35 per month. This is essentially an indication of what you will offer your customer in detail. For example, how many times a week you will pick up garbage. In addition to knowing the terms of payment, property managers should be aware of the cancellation policy of their valet service contract. Despite claims by valet companies as one of the top 10 apartment amenities, residents have mixed feelings about the service. Once you`ve set up your garbage collection service by securing reputable and long-term customers, you can start working on expansion. If things really take off, you`ll undoubtedly need to hire staff to handle the daily bells and whistles. Choosing the right people to entrust to your parallel business and maintaining a competitive advantage over your potential competitors is the key to reliable profits. .