Details of the agreement will not be disclosed until the ATU members vote. The vote is scheduled for September 29 to October 4. In a press release, the Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 stated that the interim agreement would be approved by its negotiating committee and submitted to a ratification vote by its members, which will take place from 29 September to 4 October. The City has proposed changes to the planning committee that will provide more unions and bus operators with the development of bus schedules. „The timetable for implementing wage rates and retroactive payment is consistent with previous agreements.“ The ATU is still in a legal strike position and has carried out a legal strike, which means that its collective agreement is officially terminated. The City of Winnipeg will now consider all options available to the employer under the Labour Relations Act to close this file. Chaudhary said the city`s offer contained a number of improvements in working conditions – the biggest problem identified by union members. October 25, 2019 – The agreement with ATU has been ratified by the Council. The union had requested a general increase in the salaries of its members and a mandatory five-minute recovery period at the end of each trip for bus companies. ATU 1505 President Aleem Chaudhary told CBC News that it is now up to the municipality to ratify the agreement to make it official, but added that, historically, a yes union means that it is practically an agreement reached. „The city has entered into mediation in good faith, although it is at an impasse with the union,“ said Michael Jack, Chief Corporate Services Officer. „Unfortunately, after two days of mediation and despite the fact that the city has submitted an offer of settlement, the parties are no closer to an interim agreement. We assume that the ATU will strike during the fall schedule when it is most troublesome for passengers and residents.

„To be clear, the city is not giving up on the terms of the collective agreement,“ Dreidger told PressProgress. The ATU remains in a legal strike position and the old collective agreement is officially terminated. We assume that the ATU will launch strike action in the fall when it will be most uncomfortable for passengers in transit. The Amalgamated Transit Union 1505 represents more than 1,400 transit operators and maintenance experts in Winnipeg and Brandon. The City of Winnipeg and ATU 1505 will begin negotiations on January 4, 2019. The city is committed to negotiating with ATU in a fair and reasonable manner and hopes that the negotiations will succeed and that they will not result in a disruption of transit services for the thousands of users who rely on them every day. June 7, 2019 – Last week, employees of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1505 voted against the City of Winnipeg`s final contract offer. We are disappointed with the result of the vote and feel that we have made a fair and reasonable offer. The city has asked the province to appoint a conciliator so that we can conclude these negotiations. The City and the ATU were informed by letter of 4 June that a conciliator had been appointed and that he would contact the parties to attend and, if necessary, to organize the meetings. The city is committed to continuing negotiations with ATU in a fair and reasonable manner and hopes that collective bargaining will succeed, which will not disrupt transit services for the thousands of users who rely on them every day. In a statement released this week, the union representing Winnipeg bus drivers accused the Winnipeg city government of not meeting a promised increase for „long-term“ bus drivers who have worked with Winnipeg Transit for more than five years.